AUTHOR’S NOTE:  I am not a person that subscribes human emotions and behavior to my dogs, but this morning while watching Heidi and Leia play, I couldn’t help but hear an imaginary monologue from Heidi running through my head.  Definitely stream of consciousness. . .

“She’s a stinker!  I should be canonized as a saint!

I am working hard to teach her the concept of fair play! She’s slowly starting to understand, BUT she still insists on walking under me and between my hind legs!  She must think it’s a safe zone. . . I give her the benefit of my submission, but she takes advantage of my generosity.  She pulls my ears and grabs my ruff . . . no question about it, she plays ruff!

So I give her the gift of hair balls. Makes me chuckle when she coughs up a wad of my hair. Serves her right for trying to make a meal out of me!

She then resorts to stalking me – just like a cat!  I pretend not to see her which fills her little puppy heart with glee.

Then she goes into tail attack which I absolutely HATE with a passion.  I am so proud of my ‘wagger’.  When I feel her grab my tail, I give her HELL. I growl and show my teeth and chase her.  As soon as I think she’s gotten my firm message, she just comes back and attacks again! I deliver my ultimatum over and over, and she just sasses me with her yappy puppy bark. Good Grief! 

the tail attack

But I do have to say, that her grabs are carrying less bite these days because she is losing her teeth! Glory Hallelujah!  Pretty soon all she’ll be able to do is ‘gum me”.  <chortle> The tooth fairy is going to be busy.

Miss Leia also thinks she’s in the Blue Haven Band. She grabs her stainless steel dish and plays the cymbals. Heaven Forbid. . . my poor ears! Just so she doesn’t advance to the glockenspiel!

I repeatedly have to lay down the law to the little stinker. I’d better frame my canine PhD diploma in puppy discipline and hang it over her crate. Then perhaps she will accord me the respect I deserve. 

I tell ya, life ain’t boring with Miss Leia around. She’s no cherub; she’s a royal pain in the ass!”

Signing off . . . Saint Heidi, PhD

2 thoughts on “AND NOW A WORD FROM HEIDI

  1. Fran Flanagan says:

    Debbie, Thank you so much for these good chuckles. Frank and I roared all the way through Heidi’s conversation – can really use some good laughs these days! Passing this on to the girls.

    By the way, the fence looks great.

    Stay well!



  2. says:

    Debbie, such great posts. I really enjoy all of them. Love your new fence it must be very comforting to have it. Enjoyed the great picture of you and your crew in the cornfield. Just great. Stay healthy, love Loretta

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