dog bone-it!

Dog bone-it! I wasn’t going to make any more earrings until I moved some of my current inventory!!

But I found some small dog bone charms, and I was inspired to do a dog bone-it series. I used the entire supply of dog bone charms, so there are only 7 earrings in the series — unless I can find more of them to make more. All of the earrings are silver, although some of the photos seem to have an inaccurate gold cast to them I figure with so many dog lovers out there the earrings will appeal to many.

If you see something you would like to purchase, just email me with the code number and name so I am sure to put aside the correct earrings for you. I accept PayPal, but if you don’t do PayPal, I’ll give you my address when you email me. My email is which is also applicable for PayPal payments. Please add $3.00 for S&H to each order. Up to 3 earrings can be shipped in one envelope.

SOLD  DB1 Black and silver  — the beads are black with silver circles that have splashes of color in the center. A pearl and Swarovski crystal top off the earring.  1 1/2″ long    $23

DB1 black & silver

SOLD   DB2 Purple and silver — Purple faceted beads and pretty silver orbs.   1 1/4″    $23

DB2 purple & silver

SOLD   DB3  Green Whimsy — Black glass beads with green specks, Swarovski crystal ring and a silver bead.   1 1/2″    $25

DB 3 green whimsy

SOLD   DB4  Amber Crystal — The photograph just does not capture the beauty of these.  The faceted bead is a pale amber color and the silver charm is 3/4 of an inch in diameter from top to bottom points.  2″     $30

DB4 Amber crystal

SOLD   DB5 Tan/white — A silver ring on the bottom and a pretty tan and white bead topped off with a complementary tan bead.         1 1/2″    $23

DB 5 tan & white

DB6  Silver sparkle — Two pretty silver accents with a faceted bead that shimmers with different colors.  A very pretty earring.   2″   $25

DB6 silver sparkle

SOLD   DB7  Pink orb —  A beige pearl at the bottom and the top with a pretty pink and grey colored bead and a Swarovski crystal band.  1 1/2″   $28

DB 7pink orbs

earring frenzy

I was amazed to almost completely sell out of all the earrings posted in my previous blog entry. Only two remain. THANK YOU SO MUCH to all who so enthusiastically embraced my creative efforts. As so often happens, the enthusiasm sparked the creation of more earrings. I went shopping and bought some new beads, crystals, and accents. It seems that the more I make, the more ideas I get for combinations.

I have no intent of going into the “earring business.” I really don’t have the time to focus on this in addition to my other responsibilities. I am willing to continue to make earrings as long as there is interest and time permits. Just like so many other creative pursuits, it is a zen thing. I completely get lost in the moment. My favorite part is the actual design; I come up with an idea and I may dismantle the arrangement as many as 10 times before coming up with my final design.  The toughest part is the final finish off where I cut the excess wire and then make the loop which attaches the wire or claw.  Fortunately I’ve got a pretty good eye and do not have to measure the final cut.

The other challenge is chasing after lively beads and pieces. I can’t tell you how many times I’m on the floor feeling for the stray items. I equate them to a lively and mischievous pet! I am paranoid, having two Labs who put everything into their mouths, about leaving anything on the floor that they might find and ingest.

I uploaded a bunch of photos to the blog, wrote an entry and then lost the whole thing to cyberspace. Maybe it was a good thing because I then decided that the earrings would be easier to view if I posted them to my website.  I have included the number, name, and comments right under each photo.  You can view them at

If you are interested in purchasing any, please email me BEFORE you send payment to be sure they are still available. I will try to keep up the SOLD notations as quickly as possible. My email is, and I accept PayPal via this email address.  PLEASE ADD $3 S&H per order up to 3 pairs of earrings. After doing my first shipment, I realized that my original S&H fee was too low.

THANK YOU, and have fun browsing.

Here are two new ones to whet your appetite.  They are posted at the link above.

25 Veined leaf23 bling

earrings for sale

I started making earrings about four years ago, and when I exhausted my supplies I quit. Over the holidays a friend of mine asked me to fix a pair of her earrings, and it got me started making them again. I even went to the craft store and replenished my stock of beads/Swarovski crystals/supplies, etc. I have never sold any earrings, but yesterday I posted three pairs in the Creative Group at Bedlam Farm just to share another angle of my creativity. They were wildly popular and sold within a half hour! I had a number of requests to post more, so here they are!! Prices vary depending on the quality of materials used. Description is above each picture.

If you are interested in purchasing any of these, please email me at with the number and name of the earring. Payment can be made by check made out to me. I haven’t figured out yet how to accept payment by paypal. If someone can guide me on paypal payments, I’ll be happy to accept that way — sure will make things lots easier.  I will give you my mailing address when you email me with your order.


Add $2.00 shipping and handling to each order.

Thanks for your interest!

#4  gold leaf swirl   1 1/2″ long   $12   SOLD

gold leaf

#5  blue heart  1 1/2″ long   $20   SOLD

Blue heart

#6 silver crystal  1 1/4″  $20   SOLD

Silver crystal

#7  jasper  nearly 1 3/4″ long   $22    SOLD


#8  grey pearl   1 1/4″ long   $18   SOLD

grey pearl

#9  green red stripe 2  1 1/4″ long   $15

Green red stripe 2

#10  bronze lace  1 3/4″ long    $22

Bronze lace

#11  silver pearl  1″ long  $15 — note: the bottom stone looks pinkish here. It looks more silver with the naked eye.   SOLD

Silver pearl

#12  flower orbs  1 1/4″ long  $15  SOLD

flower orb

#13  elegant black  1″ long   $20   SOLD

Elegant black

#14  blue swirl  1 1/2″ long   $15   SOLD

Blue swirl