Leia is growing up!

She has been exploring her talents and trying to refine them. She decided, after doing some demo work on the drywall in my kitchen, that she wanted to apply for a job. She wrote to my contractor, Brambo, extolling her exceptional abilities.

I was absorbed in reading a book and didn’t hear her go to work behind me!

Dear Mr. Brambo,  I understand you are looking to hire a demo expert.  I would like to apply for the position. I am a hard worker and reliable.  My specialty is drywall and woodwork. My teeth and claws make short work of any job.  And being a retriever, I then carry the demo trash to the dumpster.  I have a sense of humor, and I only take short breaks to catch my breath.  My fee is one bag of dried liver treats per month. If you would like to set up an interview, I can be reached at 215-dog-bone. Respectfully,  Leia

Leia is growing up.

One day I got involved in doing something, and I forgot Leia was not crated.  And when I went down to the family room she had the landline receiver in her mouth.   

Leia: Oh, please let me tell them about it.

Deb:  <smiles> Go ahead . . .

Leia:  One day the telephone rang. You know, those weird looking phones that are plugged into the wall. Deb was off somewhere doing something.  She never answers the phone anyway.  So I answered it, and the caller was doing a survey. She asked for Ms. Glessner, and I said, “Speaking!”  <giggle>  She asked me what political party I was registered with – Republicanid, Dogocrat, or Indepupdent. I told her I was too young to vote. . . and she hung up on me.

Leia is growing up.

She is a problem solver. No matter how I barricaded the entryway in the family room, she was always able to figure out how to move the gate so she could escape and explore the rest of the house.  You already know how she loves the library room, my bedroom slippers, and meditating in front of the bathtub. I eventually had to order a special gate that also had a built-in mini cat door opening, and my neighbor Adam came over to install it. Hallelujah! It works! But Leia figured out how to open the cat door.  She can get her head through, but those shoulders are just too wide.  <hehe>

Leia is growing up.

I can see those little nuances of adulthood creeping in. She’s becoming more laid back and is learning how to chill out.  Leia is now the same size and weight as Heidi. 

Heidi on the left. I think they are hoping for a walk outing. . . 🙂

We’ve been working hard on recall with training suggestions given to us by a wonderful dog trainer.  It’s working and was put to the test the other day when Leia was off leash in a fenced in field. She suddenly saw a man enter the field about 100 feet away. She took off towards him. I panicked, but quickly had the presence of mind to call her.  She slammed on the brakes, looked at me, looked back at the man, and then whirled and came running madly to me where she was rewarded lavishly with a banquet of high value treats (chicken and hot dog bits). What a test! I was so pleased with her response. 

50 foot leash keeps Leia safe and me in control if she doesn’t listen. Just after she turned to look at me, she came running when I called her!

Leia is growing up . . . but her meet & greet is still a major challenge which needs to be addressed.  I am in communication with the dog trainer to try to set up a private session or two at her training facility so I can learn the proper tools and technique to address this problem.  I’ve tried suggestions made by dog savvy friends and everything within my limited arsenal. I know it has escalated because I have failed as a trainer.  I am eager to work with someone who can teach ME how to teach Leia.

Yes, Leia is growing up.

10 months


  1. Karen McAllister says:

    Such a clever blog! She is such a cute dog. We had a chocolate lab that ate through the drywall too – so hard to believe!

  2. Jooan Bastian says:

    Debbie You are so funny and talented at your writing.
    Leia is a beautiful dog. She is full of mischief but she’s still a puppy. Keep up the good work.

  3. Mary says:

    Well my friend …this was a delight to open, and you are ‘back’!
    Your, humor (needed), understanding and patience and delight with
    Leia is truly delightful, appreciated and a great read, Deb.
    I so look forward to meeting this amazing girl one day, and seeing you
    and Heidi
    Autumn changes are very evident daily……..I do favor the cooler temps
    and am grateful for the much needed rain we just received.
    Be well and safe dear Deb…….sending love, light and joy and of course
    big pats! Mary

    Sent from Outlook


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