16 weeks

A grateful thank you to those of you who responded with thoughts and suggestions to my last post of frustration. The support really helped me jump start my coping mechanisms.  Last Monday, I made a spontaneous appointment to take Leia to my vet. I sensed a potential relapse in her UTI infection based on her drastic change in toileting after having five great days.  Dr. Jackie is such a good listener and so supportive. She ultimately decided to change Leia’s antibiotic to one slightly stronger than the amoxicillin. She said we would re-evaluate Leia this coming Monday when she goes in for her last round of vaccinations. Hopefully Leia’s follow up diagnostics shows the infection to be cleared up.

In the meantime, my new black chain link fence was installed. The fence guys were great and so meticulous. It took them two days (puppy fixes included), and we were blessed with gorgeous weather.  A physical fence is giving me such peace of mind. It is such a joy to now allow Heidi and Leia the freedom to run and romp without worrying that Leia will take off towards New Road or to visit with the neighbor’s children.

In conjunction with the physical fence, I had my existing Invisible Fence reconfigured to keep the dogs out of my shade garden, away from the generator, propane tanks, and cables, and to deny them access to bird seed on the ground. 

Leia also started her KPT (Kindergarten Puppy Training) class.  It was a bit boring because there was only one other puppy in the class; it’s so much more enjoyable and entertaining with multiple dogs and owners and better for the puppies. KPT is now on hold, like almost everything else, due to the COVID 19 pandemic. 

Thursday, Heidi, Leia, and I had a fantastic walk in Tyler State Park with our dear friends Sharon and Tom. It was Leia’s first time in the park, and our walk took us through a corn field where visibility is so open that it was safe to allow Leia some off-leash fun.  She enjoyed chewing on corn cobs, thinking about sampling fresh horse poop, and romping with Heidi.  Sharon took this wonderful photo of us which really captures the joy we feel when spending time in nature. 

This morning Leia and I went to visit our good friends Nan and Bob so Leia could meet their dogs April and Penny.  She had a great time romping with April and Penny but also took time to dive into Nan’s fish pond – total immersion.  I think the cold water was a bit of a shock to her, but after I quickly pulled her out, she just shook herself off and went back to playing.  She’s going to be a real water dog.

Sometimes I think Leia is Hannah reincarnated. So many of her shenanigans and her joie de’vivre are pages taken out of Hannah’s book. These smart dogs who have a mind of their own are often challenging to train. It’s an effort to constantly stay one step ahead of her so Leia doesn’t turn the tables and try to train me!

Leia has now had five great crate and housebreaking days, and I finally have a good feeling about her progress and recovery.

Obviously, the coronavirus social-distancing recommendations throws a monkey wrench into continued socialization. When restrictions are lifted, we will resume visiting new venues and meeting new people.

Warmest wishes from Heidi, Leia, and me as we all negotiate these challenging medical restrictions and sold out toilet paper.  Stay healthy and stay tuned!

4 thoughts on “LEIA UPDATE

  1. mgrookett says:

    Corn cobs can be dangerous for dogs Also what will you do if she decides to take off after done animal??? Dangerous to let her off lead in a public place Peggy Sent from my iPhone


  2. Cathy Guenzel says:

    That was delightful.to read! And a great photo!! Cathy & Kerrigan p.s. We were out on the Pennypack trail today, near the Bryn Athyn Cathedral.

  3. Hillary Shemin says:

    Hi Deb! Another wonderful blog post. So glad to know Leia is getting healthy again and training can be back in track.

    Stay healthy and keep enjoying those walks in nature. We will be doing more of that, too, while maintaining our own “social distancing”. We feel pretty confident we can stay healthy, but certainly not foolish to think it couldn’t happen. It’s a nasty illness and we don’t want it for us, for you or anyone!

    Stay healthy! Love, H & S

    Hillary Yasmer Shemin http://www.PhotosByHillary.com IG: PhotosByHillary_ CleanTth@gmail.com


  4. Joan Bastian says:

    Deb I have really enjoyed your blogs. Keep up the good work.

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