First ride in an elevator – 12 weeks old

I needed to make a quick trip to Bensalem to drop off some paperwork, so I decided to take Leia along.  She has figured out that car rides usually bring good things. When I open the door, she puts her paws up on the ledge. She can’t jump in yet, but when I pick her up, she crawls into the crate willingly.

However, our trip took a circuitous route.

The business complex is located on Street Road, a horrendous main artery which feeds into the Pennsylvania Turnpike as well as Route 95. I missed my turn-off and was hemmed in by traffic on all sides when I heard Leia whine.  Pulling over was impossible – there was nothing but concrete and a narrow shoulder.  Too dangerous anyway, so I kept driving. 

Then, suddenly, I smelled it . . .  Uh Oh, I thought.  As soon as I saw a shopping mall with a grassy area, I pulled over. Sure enough, Leia had an accident in her crate.

I put on the leash and got her out of the car. Then I proceeded to clean up the mess in the crate. Because the Honda CRV (Canine Riding Vehicle) is the dog car, I’m well prepared for emergencies.  I had handi-wipes to wash off the crate and a fresh towel.

Leia was taking in the strange sights and sounds while I worked when a man on a broken down bicycle stopped to talk to her.  He admired her and asked me how old she was.  We chatted a bit, and then he asked me if I could spare some money. He was homeless and trying to meet expenses for a cheap hotel room. I’m fully cognizant of “stories” that many homeless people concoct, but who am I to make that judgment? If he was being honest and truly needed the money, then hopefully the $10 I gave him would help. 

He thanked me profusely and rode off.

Leia and I got in the car and proceeded to our intended destination, this time with the help of Google Maps. 

I delivered my paperwork and realized that this was a prime training opportunity. So, I got Leia out of the car again and focused on her leash work as we walked to the building.  She’s getting the feel for the heel position and not pulling on the leash.  A+ Leia!

The entrance to the building is non-stop glass, and Leia tried to walk through the glass instead of the door.  The lobby was spacious and full of new smells and sights; it was also void of people.  Leia was curious but relaxed.  She’s such a confident and bold puppy. 

The elevator was straight ahead.

I pressed the button, and the door opened. Leia examined the crack between the lobby floor and the elevator floor but stepped right over it into the empty enclosure.

Fourth floor please.  

The gears engaged, there was a small jerk, and off we went.  Leia rode confidently, got out at the fourth floor, inspected the carpeted hallway, and re-entered the elevator. We rode back down to the main floor. Another A+ Leia!

I am so proud of this puppy.

2 thoughts on “FOURTH FLOOR PLEASE

  1. Cathy Guenzel says:

    YEA Leia!!  And Deb!😎  Good story.            Cathy & Kerrigan

  2. Mary says:

    Your initial intuition and listening to your heart murmurs ,
    is really unfolding to what an wonderful individual that your
    Leia is becoming……… was a wonderful adventure and
    opening a new chapter…….xo

    Sent from Outlook


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