Chimken is a high value treat!!

If you’ve ever watched any Tucker Budzyn videos, this phrase will be familiar to you.

So far, Leia’s training treats have been her kibble; kibble is generally considered a low value treat. This morning I decided to cook some chimken breasts to use as high value training treats. Leia has made some great progress with WAIT, but I knew a higher value treat would help me confirm what I was asking of her.

I can’t train if Heidi is present, so I either take Leia into the yard or onto my covered porch to work with her alone. 

Leia is such an eager pup that WAIT is challenging for her.  But I’m seeing the little aha moments. I knew chimken would give me that little extra advantage in confirming the desired response.

I keep my training sessions short, and try to make them fun – hey, isn’t that what we do with kids in school? Leia is in kindergarten. So, learning the commands is a little like learning to read and starting to understand the words.

It’s rainy and raw today, so I did three short training sessions on my porch throughout the day. 

We run through SIT and LIE DOWN, and then move to WAIT. 

Her WAIT has improved so much that I can walk about 10 feet away and delay the command COME for about 5-10 seconds.  She’s usually eager to COME, and she gets some CHIMKEN!!

Great way to build a foundation. 

Then I went into my “push the envelope” mode, and started teaching her LEAVE IT. This is a totally new command for Leia. Here’s where SIT and WAIT gave me an edge. 

I asked her to SIT and WAIT; then I put down a bit of chimken on the floor and said, LEAVE IT.

If she broke, I quickly picked up the chimken, waited a bit, got her attention, and started over.  After about 5 minutes of repetition, she began to understand.

I finally ended up the session with her sitting and waiting after I said LEAVE IT until I released her with OKAY!

Then she bounced and pounced on the chimken with delight!


2 thoughts on “HENLO . . . GOT ANY CHIMKEN?

  1. kyleann says:

    I’ve been enjoying reading all about your training process . . . keep it coming. I feel PROUD of her all they way from Brooklyn!

  2. Fran says:

    A+ Leia and Deb!!!! 💕

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