treats for Leia

Puppy pockets are unmistakable.

One does not dare venture forth without enough pockets to hold puppy and human necessities.

My favorite jacket has 6 pockets, and my jeans have 2 more which I routinely use.

If you rummage through my pockets you will find my car keys, cell phone, dog treats, poop bags, Kleenex, maybe a slip leash, gloves, more treats, extra poop bags, and perhaps a random shopping list.

Contrary to my organizational self, my pockets are not organized. I usually rummage through my pockets until I find what I need. However, I typically keep treats in my right pocket since I hold the leash in my left hand. 

The other day I needed to take Leia out on leash for a quick toilet before I left the house to run errands. I went outside without my jacket, and when Leia toileted, I reached into my jeans pocket to find one single treat. Excellent! I thought. I grabbed the treat, asked Leia to sit, and rewarded her.  Within 3 seconds I saw her spit out the treat! That’s not normal!

But it wasn’t a treat! It was a white pill!

Immediately I grabbed the pill and rushed Leia onto the porch to flush out her mouth with water.

I crated her and ran to telephone my vet.

The pill was one of my prescription pain pills, and I’d totally forgotten I’d put it in my jeans pocket!

How FORTUNATE that Leia didn’t like the taste and spit it out while I was watching her.

My vet said if she didn’t swallow it she’d probably be OK but to email her the drugs in the pill, which I did. She responded and said that the narcotic was such a low dose that it would have only made Leia sleepy, and the acetaminophen which is normally toxic to dogs was also such a low dose that it would not have harmed her.

WHEW! What a scare!!

CAUTION: What you pull out of your pocket may not be what you think it is!!

2 thoughts on “WHAT’S IN MY POCKET?

  1. Hillary Shemin says:

    Whew! That was a scare! Glad all okay. Puppy = Baby Gotta be on guard all the time. Lucky she didn’t swallow it, as you said.

    Hillary Yasmer Shemin http://www.PhotosByHillary.com IG: PhotosByHillary_ CleanTth@gmail.com


  2. fran says:

    That was a close call! Glad all worked out well. Did you have a tall glass after that was all over?🍷

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