She’s ten weeks old with a zest for exploration.  I’m in my 70’s and my speed limit is about ½ mph.  She has puppy ADHD. I have focus and know my boundaries.

My yard boundaries are currently delineated by Invisible Fence which has served me and my dogs well over the past 13 years. 

But now there’s Leia, a puppy who is starting to widen her chosen territory and turning a deaf ear to my calls.  After all, what lies in the area of the vast unknown?  Other dogs?  Food?  Friendly people?  Downed birdhouses with a mysterious scent?  Strange noises that need to be investigated?  Wood piles to climb? 

The issue now is safe containment. 

When I called Invisible Fence, they advised me that they would not be able initiate fence training with Leia until she is four to five months old. 

Two facts:  1. Leia will be in the next county by then  2.  I am no longer able to run through the neighborhood after an errant puppy. 

Reality is staring me in the face; at my age it is time for me to install a physical fence . . . sooner than later.  So I’ve started my search for reputable fence companies in the area, asking for recommendations, and reading customer reviews.  Once I’ve isolated 2-3 companies, then I will contact them for estimates and advice on the best type of fencing for my needs. 

Readers? Your recommendations for quality fence companies in the Bucks County, PA area are welcomed!

7 thoughts on “CONTAINMENT

  1. Maria says:

    You will LOVE having a fence! With our 3 large dogs now, it’s great to just open the door and let them out. We’ve always had a fence. Pups still go for walks, but if you aren’t feeling up to walking, they will still get exercise in a fenced in yard. They play and do their business. I think County Line Fence is reputable. My neighbors just got a nice looking fence, I’ll find out who installed and let you know.

  2. mgrookett says:

    Fence dimensions was the only company who said they could do what I wanted Others said they could not put a fence on a sloping hill Peggy

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  3. Cathy Guenzel says:

    Deb, Why not stick with what you have, invisible fence, and wait the couple months, using a long leash on her for now. The alternative is a bit pricey!  Cathy & Kerrigan

    • dglessner2 says:

      Already using a long leash — but she needs time off leash to be a dog. As soon as I give her freedom she starts to explore. She doesn’t run away, but with mobility challenges, I’d rather be safe than sorry. A physical fence would also keep out wildlife that is becoming more predominant in our neighborhood. I’ve already had problems with my dogs running right through IF, even with collars on. I’ve actually been entertaining a fence for the last 2-3 years.

  4. says:

    Deb, I was thinking the same thing as Cathy and Kerrigan. Then what happens to the fence when Leia gets older? Loretta

  5. fran says:

    Deb, We love your send of humor. What a dilemma! Haven’t used any fence company since we had ours put up 50 years ago. Good luck with decision making. XXOO

  6. . says:

    Hello!I have really enjoyed your postings!  I truly understand what you are going through with containment issues. I too am in my seventies and my energy is waning. Keeping up with 2 Westies can be a challenge. Despite their senior status ( soon to be 14) they have lots of energy and have selective and diminished hearing. Fortunately, I was able to fence in a portion of my yard. I opted for the “plank and rail” style. It was more affordable, but also seemed more rural than the cyclone or vinyl models. Wishing you all the best with Leia and your fence!

    Margot Walters

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