I have outdoor toys and indoor toys for the dogs. Generally, I pick up the outdoor toys at the end of the day and put them on my porch.

Yesterday, I missed picking up two of the toys. One was a jolly ball with a rope and the other was a Chuckit ball with a nylon loop attached. 

This morning when the dogs and I went outside, I dumped the outdoor toys for them and realized that the jolly ball and Chuckit were both missing.  They were nowhere in the yard. 

Hummmmm, what a mystery!

I walked the entire yard looking for them thinking that perhaps Heidi or Leia had dropped them near a shrub or behind a tree. 


Finally, my attention was drawn to the neighbor’s yard, and there they were, about 75 feet away!  I walked over to retrieve them wondering how the heck they got there?!

Now, I know there was no way that Leia used “the force” to transport them. It must have been a night thief.

What kind of thief would want a jolly ball or Chuckit, let alone both toys?

  • Fox?
  • Cat?
  • Deer?
  • Raccoon or Possum?
  • Coyote?
  • Another dog?
  • A neighbor who likes to pull pranks?

The handle on the Chuckit had been pulled out of the ball, and the end was chewed to pieces.

So, who or what is the night thief?

I have my own thoughts.

What do YOU think!

4 thoughts on “NIGHT THIEF

  1. Karen Nicholson says:

    Someone from the Dark Side!

  2. Hillary Shemin says:

    Yikes! A fox 🦊? I’m loving your posts!!!

    Hillary Yasmer Shemin IG: PhotosByHillary_


    • Sally Conyne says:

      I vote dog …. or really weird neighbor. Wild animals don’t lie around gnawing a toy when they should be looking for food and avoiding danger.

  3. Mary says:

    My dear Deb…….I soooo enjoy following Leia’s ‘journey’.
    You, like your beloved Mother Dottie, share the gift of the
    written word and paint amazing pictures of one’s imagination.
    I don’t feel it was a fox….they hardly stop when they travel….
    nor a cat….beneath them
    nor another dog (they would have taken it home)
    or coyote (same as fox)
    I seriously entertained your neighbor…but they have
    always appeared so amiable.
    My sense goes with racoon…..they will try to destroy anything,
    but if it does not taste good……..they drop it and continue on.
    Big pats to Heidi and Leia Joy! Mary

    Sent from Outlook


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