the cats have arrived!

The dog bone-it series of earrings was immensely popular, and I sold out in less than 2 hours. I had requests for a cats series, and it took me awhile before I located cat charms I liked well enough for the earrings. This series is appropriately named “crazy cats.” I have had many cats over the years. I love their intelligence, their independence, and their fickle nature. If you click on the image, you can see a close up of the earrings.

Along with introducing this series, I am offering a Valentine’s Special. Buy two pairs and get 50% off the third pair. This special runs through February 14th.

I accept paypal — or personal checks.

Please be sure to check out many other earrings available pictured in my earring gallery.

I will soon be introducing a horse series along with some new creations. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to drop me an email.


SOLD  CC1 – Blue Multiflora 1 1/2″  $22

CC1 blue multiflora

CC2 – Disco Cats   1 1/2″   $24

CC2 Disco cats

SOLD  CC3 – Black dots  1 1/2″  $22

CC3 black dots

CC4 – White silver pearl  1 1/2″  $22

CC4 white silver pearl

CC5 – Purple silver  1 3/4″  $25

CC5 purple silver

CC6 – Blue/green swirl  1 1/2″  $25

CC6 blue-green swirl

SOLD  CC7 – Silver filigree with pearl  1 1/2″  $25

CC7 silver filigree w pearl

CC8 – Royal cats  1 1/2″  $26

CC8 royal cats

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