where’s the bling?

Back in the mid 1980’s Wendy’s fast-food restaurant ran a very popular ad featuring an elderly lady named Clara Peller who loudly asked, “Where’s the beef?” When I decided I wanted to write a post about bling, the phrase “where’s the bling” came to mind and instantly reminded me of this ad.

Those of you who know me well know how much I love glitter, sparkles, and bling.  When I was working as a librarian I always found a way to incorporate glitter on my bulletin boards and displays.  It was not uncommon to see a thousand points of sparkly glitter lights in the library rug, or on my desk, and occasionally in my hair!

My mom always bought me cards with glitter, and last week Nan gave me a sparkly silver band-aid to wear to celebrate my last day of radiation.

How many of you like bling? To me, bling is a metaphor for the joy in life.  When navigating one’s way through the trials of aging or illness, it’s easy to lose the bling.  When I experienced my emotional lows throughout my breast cancer experience, I sometimes struggled to see the bling — I forced myself to look for it. While it is important to be in touch with one’s honest feelings, I feel it is detrimental to succumb to negativity and self-pity. When I looked and opened myself to see the glitter and sparkle, I realized that the bling had not disappeared. I just needed to open myself to receiving the positive energy and light of joy.

. . . and so it is


7 thoughts on “where’s the bling?

  1. Lynn Jendrowski says:

    Hello Debbie,
    I love your writings, this one is so true. Over the winter, I will try to always look for the glitter and sparkle. There is so much to be thankful for. Thank you for your beautiful and heartfelt writing. It inspires me. Lynn

  2. Malou Walther says:

    You always find a way to see the good and positive Debbie. It is an inspiration and a reminder to try to do the same – in all aspects of life. Sometimes one just needs a reminder, and you did that with this lovely thought….BLING!

    Best, Malou

  3. Cathy Guenzel says:

    Your message is a reminder to all of us to be open to receiving positive energy, joy, & love. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Quite the philosopher! Cathy Guenzel

  4. Cece Masney says:

    Debbie, what a wonderful post! Hail, hail to the bling from here as well. It may sparkle through the eyes, but it is truly found in the heart. Thanks, Cece

  5. Fran says:

    Again, beautiful message, beautiful photo. This made me think of our favorite holiday- the coming of Christmas – the light of joy – bling 🙂
    Keep well!

  6. Katie says:

    You inspire me<3

  7. Bille Jean says:

    what a wonderful post, I will keep bling in my heart and perhaps in my hair 😉

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