puppy fix


Yesterday I visited my friend Wendi who has a beautiful litter of Labrador Retriever puppies. She snapped this while I was getting a puppy fix. Spending time with puppies, my own two wonderful dogs, and animals in general never ceases to  work its healing magic.

I am feeling great and working hard to get back to my water aerobics classes three times weekly. It’s been more of a challenge than I expected because I am still tender in the area where the lymph nodes were removed. So I am cautious when we do upper body work.

I continue to research the aromatase inhibitors, and am more and more convinced that I will not take the drug form of AI. I’ve started eating a variety of foods which act as natural AI’s, and I am now ready to start investigating specific holistic AI supplements.


. . . and so it is



beginning the journey

On September 11, 2012 I learned that I had breast cancer. The diagnosis came in the form of a text from the doctor at Doylestown Hospital’s Women’s Diagnostic Center. I had been so certain that the suspicious nodule was benign. My first reaction was shock, and then I cried. But then my innate resolve took over. The first thing I did was text my three friends who had invested much of themselves over the past 6 months as I went through repeated mammograms, ultrasounds, doctor visits, and biopsy.

After three visits to Dr. Dahlia Sataloff, MD at the Rena Rowan Breast Center of Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia, I opted to pursue my surgery and treatment with Dr. Beth DuPree, MD a highly regarded breast specialist here in Bucks County. I had been given a copy of Beth’s book titled THE HEALING CONSCIOUSNESS about six years ago by my friend Nina Biller. Knowing my fascination with and passion for holistic healing modalities, Nina knew I would love the book. I did. Little did I think that one day I would be seeking Dr. DuPree’s guidance and professional expertise to guide me on my own journey with breast cancer.

I am very fortunate that my cancer was caught early. It is classified a Grade 1 cancer, and Dr. DuPree told me I would be fine! I am optimistic, ready to embrace the journey, and learn from the experience.

Among the literature I received from Dr. DuPree was an article about a patient who started a blog as a way to keep her family and friends updated on what was happening. She spoke of exhaustion not permitting her to expend the energy in answering telephone calls, emails, and texts from all the persons who care. I am already experiencing this. While it is very important for me to hear from you, I know that I will not be able to respond to each expression of love and concern. That is why I decided to start a new blog, hoping that you will put the link in your “favorites,” and check in for my updates. I promise to be open and honest about my feelings and encourage you to leave responses/comments if you wish. Along with notes about my journey, I also plan to share my photography.

I am blessed to have so many friends and such a wonderful support system. At this time I want to express my deepest gratitude to my friends Fran Lucas, Nan Muska, and Wendi Huttner who have been supporting me through the earliest stages of this journey. Fran, friend and RN, has accompanied me to doctor appointments and offered medical guidance. Nan Muska, friend and reflexologist, took me to the hospital for my biopsy and came to the house immediately after I received my diagnosis. Wendi Huttner, friend and Nor’wester Readers partner, has also offered wonderful suggestions in pursuing medical advice and pulled extra Nor’wester Readers’ responsibilities. All three of them have given me huge emotional support as I’ve navigated my way through the earliest stages of this journey.

The closing words in Beth’s book are . . .and so it is — hence the name of my blog. She offers “The Lessons” for all of us to embrace.
Be present in the moment.
The only constant in life is change
Fear paralyzes — Knowledge empowers
Life is about your journey, not the destination
Although it may be that medicine treats the symptom, it is the physician’s love that heals
Lead by example

. . .and so it is.