Harper, the puppy next door, invited Leia to come over and play. 

It was the first time for Leia to visit Harper’s yard.  Harper lives with Ryan and Jen and their four girls: a three year old, four year old twins, and a ten year old. 

Not only were there lots of dog toys, there were also lots of kid toys in the yard.  Leia was in toy heaven!

She and Harper chased each other and wrestled. And every now and then Leia would grab a toy belonging to one of the girls. 

She would lead Harper on a merry chase and then eventually drop the toy. At that point, I or Dad Ryan would grab it and place it out of reach. 

Suddenly Leia spied the blue kiddie pool. Her eyes got big and her ears went up! She took a flying leap and belly flopped in the water. 

She dunked her head underwater and laid down to cool off.  She invited Harper to join her, but Harper wanted no parts of being in the pool. 

Maeve, one of the twins, asked – “Do you think the pool is big enough for both Leia and Harper?” 

I assured her it was.

Then she asked, “Do you think the water temperature is okay?”

“Absolutely!” I replied, suppressing my laughter.

At that moment, Leia leaped out of the pool with a Barbie doll in her mouth which had been floating in the water.  She took off with Barbie’s long blond hair streaming and her nude body flopping.  Harper was in mad pursuit trying to grab Barbie. After several circuits of the yard, Barbie was dropped unceremoniously and forgotten.  Dad Ryan quickly rescued Barbie from further puppy abuse. 

Leia repeatedly ran and wrestled with Harper and took pool breaks in between.

On another of her romps, Leia picked up an unidentified object from the grass.  Fortunately, after a few seconds it was dropped.  We picked it up to discover it was non-toxic kiddie sidewalk chalk — purple! Can you imagine what Leia’s poop would have looked like had she ingested it?!

After nearly an hour, we had two happy tired puppies. 

Leia said her thanks, went home, and immediately fell asleep in her crate. 

I can only guess what Leia will do when she is confronted with a real pool.  I promise to document that occasion when it occurs with a video clip.

Photos by Dad Ryan Curran

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