A few years ago someone told me they gave their dog Frosty Paws, a frozen treat that could be found in the pet aisle of most grocery stores.  Hannah and Heidi would love that, I thought. So, the next time I went grocery shopping I decided to buy a box for them . . . that is, until I read the ingredients. Ugh!

Instead, I opted to make my own.

I boiled chicken breasts and did not add any salt or seasoning to the water. I had saved small yogurt containers to use for my **Icee Treats. Tapioca, individual fruit (i.e. apple sauce/mandarins), or rice pudding containers also work well.  Since my broth is bland and wholesome, I fill the entire container and stick it in the freezer. This size works great for my Labradors.

The broth can also be poured into ice cube trays if you prefer a smaller sized treat.

If I haven’t cooked any chicken, I sometimes use commercial organic, no sodium chicken broth. If I’m unable to find no sodium, I buy low sodium and only fill the container 1/4 to 1/3 with broth and top it off with water. 

If you have a dog that needs to gain weight, you can add calories by dropping a dollop of ***xylitol free peanut butter into the cup of broth. Sometimes I even throw in a few bits of kibble for a surprise crunch.

My dogs KNOW what Icees are and will run to the kitchen and stand in front of the fridge in happy anticipation when I say the word. I only feed Icees in the yard as it’s a bit messy.

Leia in foreground and Heidi

Now that the weather is getting warmer, I always make sure to have Deb’s Icees in the freezer. 

If you have a dog, try it! I guarantee they will become Icee Addicts too.

**I originally called them ice treats; that eventually became icy treats. But then I started dragging out the E sound when talking to the dogs, so it became Icee.   

***Xylitol is toxic to dogs and is used frequently as a sugar substitute. Be sure there is NO xylitol in your peanut butter.

Leia enjoying her brain freeze

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