Leia disappeared.

Heidi alerted me that she’d left the room.

I’d absentmindedly left the family room gate ajar – just wide enough for an adventuresome puppy to squeeze through. 

I scurried up the stairs and stopped just shy of the top landing, waiting to see from where Leia would appear. 

In matter of a few seconds, she rushed out of the guest room with a book in her mouth. 

She had chosen carefully – it was titled HISTORICAL CATS.

L: <mumbling> Hey Deb! Look! It’s a really cool book!

D: Where did you find it Leia?

L:  In the library room!

D: Oh, of course . . .

L:  I want to be like the dog on your blue T-shirt!

D:  I had no idea you even noticed.

L:  Reading dog! How cool is that?!

D:  Very cool. Your ancestors are historical as well as hysterical. Many wonderful Labrador Retrievers before you have been “reading dogs” in the Nor’wester Therapy Dog organization.

L:  I want to do that!

D:  Absolutely Leia. When you get older, and stop stealing things, and pass your tests. 

L:  Tests? Do I have to study?  <starts leafing through the book>

D:  <sighs and rolls eyes>

L:  Look at these pictures! Alexander Graham Bell’s cat didn’t have a good recall like I do.

D:  Way to go Leia! I’m so proud of you.  <whispers, 75% of the time>

L:  (wags tail vigorously)

D: I think Albert Camus’s cat is pretty cool.

L:  Who’s a “strange” dog? Heidi?

D:  Depends how you interpret “strange.”

L:   I think Karl Marx has the right idea!  Dogs are the opium of people. . .

D:  And how! Remind me to tell you about the man who had 10 dogs! He even bought a king-sized bed so they could all sleep with him.  His wife divorced him.

L:  <giggles> Can I sleep on your bed, Deb?

D:  You will be welcome to sleep in my bedroom on your own bed when you get older, but not ON my bed.  You shed too much!

L:  I can’t wait!! 

D:  <smiles>

L:  Well, I guess I’d better get back to the battle with the Zinnias.  Did you see the barriers they erected?  <wags her tail furiously and races off>

D:  And we need to break for a news flash. . .

This is Daisy Rose Leaf reporting from the Seed & Stem Channel with a LIVE update from the battle front.  The Zinnia Army erected step barriers in hopes of slowing the Leia onslaught.  They achieved some measure of success as Leia was boxed in and only able to attack one trench.  Meanwhile, the Zinnias are increasing in numbers and gaining an anchor . . . stay tuned.

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