Hannah would have been 13 today.

When she died last September this paw print was enclosed in the sympathy card I received from my vet. 

It is handcrafted from 100% cotton with annuals and wildflower seeds embedded.

I saved it to plant this Spring in memory of Hannah.

Then Leia arrived – the garden digger . . .

I knew that if I wanted the seeds to grow that I would have to look for a creative alternative.  So I decided a pot would be my best option. 

I had a little ceremony this morning to celebrate Hannah’s birthday, and gently buried the paw in fresh potting soil. It’s now sitting in the sun behind a Leia barrier. 

I can’t wait to see if they germinate. 

There’s something perpetual about gardens and blooms. . . joyful expectation.

They teach us to nurture our own garden of hope.

4 thoughts on “SEEDS OF HOPE

  1. Dee says:

    What a loving and tender way of celebrating Hannah’s life.

  2. Lyn Bauer says:

    Lovely idea! I used to read the book A Seed is A Promise to my class on our spring seed planting day. Good memories as you watch for blooms in honor of your great companion, Hannah.

  3. annetta muska says:

    Oh Yes I too have planted Jillian’s “seed 🐾 paw” in hopes that it will bloom in her memory 💟🐶💟

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  4. Gail Wade says:

    Hannah was so special to me. She was a wonderful companion for you.

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