Leia at 5 1/2 months

She looks innocent, doesn’t she?

Don’t believe it!

Her Mother’s Day gift to me so far has been a variety of mischievous pranks.

After a quiet breakfast with Leia and Heidi relaxing peacefully in the kitchen with me, all hell breaks loose.

Leia disappears, and it’s a few moments before I realize she’s no longer in the kitchen. I scurry to the family room and find her with my coat. She’s riffled through the pockets and seems content to lie upon it. I gently convince her to “give,” all the time chuckling under my breath. I hang up my coat out of pup-reach and turn to find that she has taken my shoe. Again, we practice “giving,” and she very kindly relinquishes my shoe. Happy Mother’s Day – woof!

I place the shoe out of pup-reach and decide that it would be a good idea to let Leia and Heidi out into the yard. Out they go!

When they come in, I give them a bowl of water.  Leia drinks first (no manners), and then promptly picks up the bowl when she’s finished and dumps the remaining water all over the laundry room floor.  She does have a fixation on indoor pools! I quickly grab a towel to soak up the water, and Leia disappears. 

Unfortunately, I left the gate open to the living room when I carried the laundry down.

I know where she’s gone – upstairs!!

I call “LEIA!” in my sternest boss voice, and she magically appears at the top of the landing where she’s been up to nonsense in the bathroom.  “Hi Mom! Happy Mother’s Day!”

I run upstairs – fortunately, she had not unraveled the roll of toilet paper.  When she saw me coming, she ran into my bedroom and tried to steal my slipper.  She dropped it when I said, “NO!”  Then she hopped into Heidi’s dog bed for two seconds before running to the rear corner of my bedroom where she put her paws up on my bed. 

She then runs back to the bathroom and investigates the bathtub – think indoor pool . . .

By this time Heidi has appeared.  Heidi always wants to help keep order, but Leia just snuffs at her.

I finally took Leia’s collar gently and escorted her downstairs. 

She went into the kitchen and took an unsuccessful swipe at trying to grab my fleece jacket hanging on my chair. 

I continue escorting her to her crate for some chill-out time.

All that LOVING energy!

I guess there’s a Mother’s Day walk in the works. . . and I can’t stop laughing!

6 thoughts on “MOTHER’S DAY WITH LEIA

  1. annetta muska says:

    Oh YES it did make me 😂 laugh! Her antics will keep you young, busy and laughing‼️

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. kyleann says:

    She’s growing up so quickly – starting to see the grown up doggie in there. Although sounds like she’d still a little trouble maker puppy!!

  3. Hillary Shemin says:

    She’s keeping you active and on your toes! Enjoy your Mother’s Day with your “girls”!

    Love to you! xo

    Hillary Yasmer Shemin IG: PhotosByHillary_


  4. Karen McAllister says:

    she is such a funny dog!

  5. And I thought I had a good Mother’s Day! A delightful “tail”, Deb.
    Love ya, Loretta

  6. Gail Wade says:

    Remember, she is still a puppy!

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