April is designated by the US Postal Service as national send a card or write a letter month. When I read about it, I decided it would give me a creative outlet and an opportunity to reach out to friends. I only sent out cards that I made. Some were my dried leaf cards and others were newer creations designed for specific persons.

I hand wrote personal messages in each card knowing it was a special way to let my friends know I was thinking about them during the COVID quarantine. I have discovered that one of the most difficult things about the quarantine for me is missing my friends, touching, and hugging.

This card went to a friend who celebrated her 65th birthday on April 27th. I came across the pen & ink sketch when I was cleaning out my craft supplies. The frame was salvaged from another card I’d received many years ago and decided to repurpose.

This card was designed specifically for a husband and wife. He is a writer and knows how to facilitate change and get people involved. His call for action is always a type of revolution. And she is a an artist who incorporates the figures of goddesses into her work. She messaged me and said how much they loved this card. I knew it was perfect for the two of them!

This card was designed for a childhood friend and her husband. The three of us all have a warped sense of humor. We certainly are prime examples of disorderly, vigorous, and disreputable senior citizens.

When I found this horse picture, I knew right away it would make a great card and who would get it. As I started working with the image it made me think of a carousel horse, so I used strips of craft paper and washi tape to create a linear effect. I almost kept it for myself!

Many of my friends got one-of-a-kind leaf cards which I’ve been making for several years. I’ve accumulated quite an inventory, and I love choosing which card goes to an individual. These leaf cards are very time consuming to make, and many recipients opt to frame them. I enjoy sharing my creative efforts as much as I enjoy receiving cards and letters myself.

I got so absorbed in the project, the days in April just flew by; it certainly helped cope with the challenges of the non-routine quarantine. Unfortunately, I forgot to photograph most of the cards I made before I sealed them in an envelope and mailed them.

And I, too, received cards and letters from friends during the month of April along with text messages and emails commenting on and thanking me for the cards I’d sent.

Everyone said the same thing, “It’s such a treat to get personal mail delivered!”

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