Like so many others, I have been using my quarantine days to clean, de-clutter, organize, and trash things I no longer need.

I eventually progressed to my laundry room, and I tore the place apart! It had been SO LONG since it had a deep cleaning, and it was full of “stuff.”

I removed everything from the shelves and cabinets, dusted, and reorganized. I put aside things I no longer wanted or needed and will either put out on the curb or donate to a thrift store. 

I pulled out the washer and dryer, vacuumed the pile of accumulated fuzzies and dog hair, and then washed the floor before returning both to their position. 

I went through the “rag” bag and threw out about half the contents.

I scrubbed the laundry tub and finished by washing the tile floor and consolidating cleaning supplies.

I stood back and admired my handiwork. It looked like an entirely new room!

Monday morning I put in a load of wash in my freshly cleaned laundry room. 

I went about other chores and allowed Leia some time out of the crate while I could keep an eye on her.

Eventually she went to the back door which is in the laundry room.  I followed her knowing that she needed to go out. 

I was met by a puddle right in front of the door.

“Oh no!” I thought, but in that instant, I realized that Leia would not be romping and splashing in her pee. It was a flood!

“Damn,” I said – rather, I really said, “Oh $$IT!”

I figured that maybe one of the hoses to the washer had loosened in my aggressive cleaning efforts.  But as soon as I started to pull the washer forward, I suddenly realized that I’d forgotten to replace the output hose over the edge of the laundry tub! It was spurting water all over the floor since the washer was in spin cycle. 

I grabbed the hose and positioned it properly, but by then the cycle was nearly finished. 

Leia thought she had an indoor pool! She was pouncing with her big paws and splashing water everywhere.

I managed to convince her and Heidi to go out into the yard while I mopped up the flood. I had to pull both the washer and dryer out again to soak up the water and pick up everything from the floor that was now wet. 

Finally, I got everything dry and back in place.

My floor is REALLY clean now!

3 thoughts on “COVID CLEANING

  1. Frances Lucas says:

    And Leia had an indoor pool

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Karen McAllister says:

    Oh no! I bet the dogs had a ball!

  3. annetta muska says:

    Oh NO WHAT A MESS but now squeekie clean Tough way of getting things done‼️😩

    Sent from my iPhone


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