Moon and Venus

2 a.m.

I gently arouse Leia from her puppy slumber, and we head into the yard for a mid-night toilet.

The late winter blackness envelops us.

Venus is brilliant in the south-western sky.

Orion, the hunter, stands guard as Leia and I meander slowly in the darkness.

There is something inherently peaceful about being outdoors in the middle of a warm February night. 

The foibles of life fade into the blackness.

Tiny bits of light pollution from the street bleed into our orbit, falling upon dew-laden blades of grass.

Leia finally squats, and the serenade of her waterfall is like a lullaby. 

She explores mid-night scents while I breathe in deeply of the star dust.

We’re in no hurry to return indoors.

Suddenly Leia’s tiny puppy nose snuffs and twitches with excitement.

She has come upon two earthworms copulating, totally oblivious to their alien audience.   

A moonlit night serenading invertebrate sex.

Leia and I retreat quietly, leaving the hermaphrodites to their romantic intercourse.

One thought on “MID-NIGHT SERENADE

  1. Hillary Shemin says:

    You are incredible! Beautiful post! #StayHealthy

    Hillary Yasmer Shemin http://www.PhotosByHillary.com IG: PhotosByHillary_ CleanTth@gmail.com


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