Author’s Note:  My parents loved word play, and I grew up listening to my dad prounce words phonetically, reverse initial consonants, and to my mother reciting alliteration.  Those of you who went to school with me may remember my Dad reversing initial consonants on the names of my classmates and cracking everyone up. There were Ran Doddick, Hancy Noke, Fronny Janklin, Hean Jowland, Baty Kollinger, and I was Glebbie Dessner. So it’s kind of natural that I still succumb to idiotic wordplay, and usually the only ones to hear me jabbering away are my dogs!

So here’s a goofy one for you. Just blame docial sistancing. . .

Twonce upon a twime the puppy had a twizzle at the end of her tail. But the twizzle got twaggled, and the pup twisted and twomped. So the twizzle got twimmed, and the twaggle twisted into a waggle. So much for twabberwocky and twibbles . . . This pup now has a twusty twagger.

(I set this up to appear as verse, but WordPress wouldn’t keep the formatting. Use your imagination.)

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