Leia very quickly discovered the bird bath in my rear shade garden and immediately claimed it as a place to bide awhile, chewing on a leaf or a twig. It was a very zen-like thing to observe – this tiny puppy contentedly curled up within the bowl like shape.  Ironically, when I first brought this bird bath home, the yin-yang symbol was carved into the base.  I’d won it at an Audubon fund-raiser with a silent auction bid.

Leia watches the birds as much as I do. There’s lots of bird activity because I keep 8 feeders filled in my yard. 

She dashed off into my neighbor’s yard to try to make friends with the robins. She watches the Canada geese flying overhead.  She holds conversations with the occasional crow that stops by. She studies the finches feeding on sunflower hearts. She is intrigued by the darting flight patterns of birds commuting through my property.

I can only begin to imagine how fascinated she will be by the hummingbirds when they arrive.

Last week there was an explosion of feathers left in my yard, probably from a mourning dove who fatefully encountered the local hawk.  Leia insisted in picking up the feathers and carrying them around. 

“She’s birdy,” remarked my friend Wendi. 

That she is, and the feathers just get added to Leia’s stash of souvenirs which are carried indoors every time she comes in. 

4 thoughts on “BIRD DOG IN THE BIRD BATH

  1. says:

    Leia is just about the cutest!! Thanks Deb.

  2. Maria says:

    I certainly enjoy reading about Leia’s adventures.

  3. Catherine Marie Guenzel says:

    Little Leia is a character! Love reading about her discoveries, and of course, seeing the precious pics you post! Cathy Guenzel

  4. fran says:

    Absolutely adorable!!!!! I am sure she is very pleased that you are keeping a record of all her exciting discoveries/adventures!! XO

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