Leia: “Me? I’m not guilty.”

Some days it just all adds up. . .

Rain, wind, and snow – neighbor’s yard furniture and trash cans blowing into my yard – getting soaked in a sudden cloudburst – trying desperately to keep up with work for an organization, and cracking the bridge of my nose on a heavy metal bird feeder while trying to keep Leia from venturing out of the yard.

No matter how much I advocate positive training, there are times when circumstances like these cause me to lose my patience.

It was blustery and cold at 11:30pm.  I’d taken Leia out on leash to toilet, but she wouldn’t.  According to her routine, I expected her to pee and poop, but all she wanted to do was grab the leash and play.  I walked and walked, hoping she would toilet so we could go back into the warm house.  She got tangled in the leash because she was tugging and leaping around. 

And I lost my patience. . . I just didn’t feel like coping with shenanigans.

I always feel terrible afterwards – like I somehow failed to deal appropriately with puppy nonsense. But I remember that I’m human and sometimes subject to roller coaster emotions.

The last two nights have departed from her familiar routine, so it made me pause. Routine is one way I set my comfort level in dealing with the labor intensive days of puppy raising.

She’s growing up, I thought. The routine is bound to change.

It’s time to be flexible and go with the flow.  Adapt to and accept the changes. Take a deep breath and laugh.

Easier said than done some days, especially when one thing after another seems to go wrong. 

I finally gave up giving Leia the opportunity to toilet and headed to bed.

I slept soundly and deeply, only awaking when my alarm went off at 7a.m.

The sun was shining.

It’s a new day, I thought. Yesterday is old news.

And I went downstairs to greet Heidi and Leia with a smile on my face.

3 thoughts on “LOSING PATIENCE

  1. Hillary Shemin says:

    Ahhh…the necessity of flexibility. Both with puppies and human kids…at every age! Hope you didn’t do major damage in bumping your nose!

    Enjoy the weekend! xo

    Hillary Yasmer Shemin http://www.PhotosByHillary.com IG: PhotosByHillary_ CleanTth@gmail.com


  2. Fran says:

    Glad to hear that you did not do too much damage to your nose!
    The weather certainly did not help matters.
    Love the photo and fitting title 🙂
    Ah yes, the trials and tribulations of life. But then one look at that adorable face saying- I’m sorry Mom, can we play now? – and all is forgiven.
    More joy coming your way!! XO

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