“Look at Leia’s tail,” I said to Wendi.  “It looks like she has a cowlick or a curl.” 

“That’s called a twizzle,” Wendi told me.

The Labrador breed standard cites: One of the characteristics of the Labrador is the otter tail. It does resemble a real otter’s tail and is also thick at the base and wrapped with hair. A Labrador’s tail should not reach below the hock. The hair on the tail should be tightly wrapped and not loose or fluffy like a setter’s. When Labradors are out of coat, the tail may look skinny and thin. Ideally, the shape of the tail should resemble a carrot. It is fine to have a twizzle.

I’ve grown to love Leia’s little twizzle. It gives her a bit of style and pizzazz. I can’t wait to see what it looks like as she matures.

And while we’re on the subject of tails, I’ve noticed that I am not yet honored with those vigorous wags so characteristic of the Labrador breed. I only get a gentle wave. So now I am wondering what I must do to deserve a REAL wag like Leia gives total strangers she meets on the street?? That’s my current challenge. 

For some reason it brings John Donne’s lines of poetry to mind. “For whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.”

Instead, it seems it should be, “For whom the tail wags; it wags for thee. . . but not for me.”

CORRECTION: I do not advocate fake news!

This is a REAL twizzle. The other photo is a wave/curl in her coat.

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