Leia at 9 weeks

STEPS:  Lots of fun to go up, but very scary to come down.

CAR: I don’t mind the car, but I’d rather ride on the back seat instead of in the crate.

TOYS:  There’s a long purple squeaky toy that’s really cool, but anything Heidi has is even better!

CHEW:  I think my favorite is the Icelandic sheep horn.

CRATE:  It’s mine! All mine!!

YARD:  I love to torment Heidi and get her to play. It’s a big world out there, and I want to explore! But I love leaves the most!

COLLAR:  Deb got me a brand new collar.  It’s so colorful and pretty and makes me feel important.

LEASH:  A leash is a leash is a leash . . . Heidi says it’s a part of a dog’s life.

WORDS: Deb and other people make noises.  I’m starting to learn what some of them mean like sit, come, lie down, and NO! 

HURRY UP:  I hear that word A LOT when I’m toileting.  I’ll just take my good old time!

BARKING/YIPPING:  Heidi has a loud, deep bark.  And there are 2 dogs several houses up that talk to me. I want to meet them someday! I “talk” a lot, but no one pays attention to me except Deb.

FOOD:  I LOVE my meals.  I eat in my crate so Heidi doesn’t try to steal my food. 

FLAG:  That flag is a bit frightening, the way it whips around in the wind.  I don’t think I like it.

GLASS: I can see Heidi through the glass of the front door, but I can’t reach her!?? I can also see another little puppy that looks like me. 

SURFACES: WOW! There are so many funny feelings under my paws. Deb has names for them: grass, wood chips, carpet, jute door mat, concrete, macadam, tile, fleece, dirt, hardwood floor.


  1. James LoGiudice says:


    Love these, good writer and diarist you are. So sorry I haven’t kept up with you. Good intentions, but….


    Sent from my iPad


  2. Mary says:

    Dear, dear Deb, I cannot begin to express how much my heart and Spirit
    enjoy this journey , with Leia, that you write so exquisitely and lovingly
    (You are Dottie’s daughter especially through the written word from the heart.)
    Many thanks and this little precious Leia is just too cute for words….I can
    see and “feel” her calmness and wisdom in her aura. She was meant to
    be part of the next chapter unfolding for you……..and I feel Hannah had a
    ‘paw’ in this unfolding. Be well love you and Pats to the girls. Mary

    Sent from Outlook


  3. Fran says:

    Oh Debbie!!! Leia is just precious. What an adorable face. We thoroughly enjoyed her “conversation” about her 9 month old experiences. She gives such vivid details. We can see her in action with Heidi! Looking forward to her next adventures!!

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