a new puppy

I am getting a female black Lab puppy in January, and I’ve decided to chronicle the process of raising and training her. My end goal will be that hopefully she is a suitable candidate for therapy dog work, so that will be an additional target in my training along with my focus on raising a calm, grounded, and well-adjusted dog. I am not a professional dog trainer, nor do I present myself as a canine expert, but I enjoy training puppies. I guess it is the teacher in me.

My scheduled puppy “pick up” date is January 11.

Fortunately, I already have everything I need and will not have to purchase anything.  Crate, toys, feeding bowls, collar, leash, dog bed, grooming tools. . .

For me, it’s not so much what I need to get for the puppy but how I envision establishing a successful routine for housebreaking, training, and socialization.  When the puppy arrives, and I get a handle on her demeanor and needs, the routine will quickly fall into place. 

This will be my first “winter-time puppy.” The cold weather will carry with it a different approach and challenges compared to raising a warm weather puppy.

As January 11th approaches, the most important decision I need to make is her name.  I do want to have a name chosen so that I can start using it immediately when she comes home. 

When I consider names for my dogs, there are two things which are important to me.  First and foremost, I must like the name and it fits the dog.  Secondly, it needs to roll off my tongue easily. I favor 1 or 2 syllable names because they work best in training.

I haven’t made a final name decision yet, but I’m currently leaning towards Leia, pronounced LAY-ah. I researched the name meaning and discovered it is Hawaiian for “child of Heaven.”  I’m sure the fact that I am a bit of a Star Wars junkie also plays a part. 

Eighteen more days to wait. . .

Stay tuned.

Puppies I photographed from a litter several years ago.

4 thoughts on “a new puppy

  1. Fran says:

    How exciting Deb. Can’t wait to see those photos! I vote for the name Leia 🙂 I am sure she will be a heavenly puppy! XO

  2. Phil & Leslie Shuman says:

    Merry Christmas Deb. Enjoy that precious little puppy when it arrives. I will let Kristen know. She still has her two Rottweilers & they are little Conner’s bodyguards!

    Have a blessed day tomorrow. I have been to three Christmas Eve services, played for one of those & will be singing in the cantata at our 11:00 PM service. Going home to eat a bite now.

    Love, Leslie

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  3. mgrookett says:

    Puppy kindergarten is every Monday night at six! Come join old York Road kpt! Peggy

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  4. Joan Bastian says:

    Good luck Debbie with your puppy. You must be so excited. Can’t wait to hear about your new addition. January 11th isn’t that far away. Kave a wonderful New Year. Love Jpanie B

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