helping deb get dressed

Every morning, without fail, my two pups arrive to help me get dressed. There’s no routine to this, mind you.
I used to think that it was the sound of the drawers being opened to retrieve my underwear and socks . . . so I tried opening those drawers v e r r r y quietly. Didn’t work. The girls still arrived to help me get dressed.
Then I tried putting my underwear out the night before . . . that failed too. I still had two black noses helping me put on my socks and slacks.
I tried sitting on my chair instead of the bed (thinking they heard the springs creak?) — no matter — chair or bed. The girls still arrived to assist.
It’s actually gotten to be funny.
I suppose it’s rooted in thinking that when Deb goes to put her clothes on that one of them will be “going to work.” (They’re both therapy dogs.)
But it has really made me think about intuition and that extra sensory perception that IMG_2770animals have retained. It doesn’t seem to matter when I get dressed or how I mix up the signals; my two wonderful pups, Hannah and Heidi, are devoted maids and love to help me get dressed.

4 thoughts on “helping deb get dressed

  1. Mary says:

    I love this Deb and can relate with similar amazement!!

    I could write story after story….about the experiences I

    have witnessed and wondered about with animals and

    their intuition sense that they pay clear attention to….

    IE our little cocker Buffy , at Quest, would sit by the

    sliding door facing the driveway, at 4:45 PM exactly, waiting

    for Ron’s son Adam to come home from work (when he

    lived with us for 3 years). She idolized him…..

    4:45 sharp day after day He was usually home by 5PM.

    But how did she know the rare times he was working late,

    and she would not sit there at 4:45….. but would

    appear about 15 minutes before he actually drove in the

    driveway whether it was 7 or 8 Pm or later. ???

    Lyric ‘knows’ about 1/2 hour before anyone comes to visit…..

    she paces and looks to the front door …waiting. ???

    Animals have been my greatest teachers!

    Love the photo of the girls…… big pats to them please.

    Be well and be dry! love Mary


  2. dglessner2 says:

    I love hearing stories that others tell. Like you, animals have been my greatest teachers as well. Lark was one of the most important — such a wise old soul.

  3. Fran says:

    Deb, what a delightful story! As you know, we have seen so much of that intuition sense with Milly! Need to tell you about events with Francesca and Lady. So true about these wonderful animals! XO

  4. Pat Carney-Dalton says:

    Cute story–and it does make you wonder!?

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