dog bone-it!

Dog bone-it! I wasn’t going to make any more earrings until I moved some of my current inventory!!

But I found some small dog bone charms, and I was inspired to do a dog bone-it series. I used the entire supply of dog bone charms, so there are only 7 earrings in the series — unless I can find more of them to make more. All of the earrings are silver, although some of the photos seem to have an inaccurate gold cast to them I figure with so many dog lovers out there the earrings will appeal to many.

If you see something you would like to purchase, just email me with the code number and name so I am sure to put aside the correct earrings for you. I accept PayPal, but if you don’t do PayPal, I’ll give you my address when you email me. My email is which is also applicable for PayPal payments. Please add $3.00 for S&H to each order. Up to 3 earrings can be shipped in one envelope.

SOLD  DB1 Black and silver  — the beads are black with silver circles that have splashes of color in the center. A pearl and Swarovski crystal top off the earring.  1 1/2″ long    $23

DB1 black & silver

SOLD   DB2 Purple and silver — Purple faceted beads and pretty silver orbs.   1 1/4″    $23

DB2 purple & silver

SOLD   DB3  Green Whimsy — Black glass beads with green specks, Swarovski crystal ring and a silver bead.   1 1/2″    $25

DB 3 green whimsy

SOLD   DB4  Amber Crystal — The photograph just does not capture the beauty of these.  The faceted bead is a pale amber color and the silver charm is 3/4 of an inch in diameter from top to bottom points.  2″     $30

DB4 Amber crystal

SOLD   DB5 Tan/white — A silver ring on the bottom and a pretty tan and white bead topped off with a complementary tan bead.         1 1/2″    $23

DB 5 tan & white

DB6  Silver sparkle — Two pretty silver accents with a faceted bead that shimmers with different colors.  A very pretty earring.   2″   $25

DB6 silver sparkle

SOLD   DB7  Pink orb —  A beige pearl at the bottom and the top with a pretty pink and grey colored bead and a Swarovski crystal band.  1 1/2″   $28

DB 7pink orbs

2 thoughts on “dog bone-it!

  1. mgrookett says:

    Debby I want four of the dog bone earrings any ones Let me know the cost and I will send it tomorrow Peggy Grookett Sent from my iPhone


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