plaid friday

Have you heard of PLAID FRIDAY? It is the local, independent business alternative to Black Friday, spearheaded by the Local First and 10% Shift movements, grassroots organizations that encourage Americans to turn the economy back around for good by shifting 10% of their total monthly spending from large retail chains to locally owned and operated stores. I hope those of you who shop on Black Friday will consider going PLAID for some of your purchases.

I’ve been spending the last few week replenishing my frameable note cards supply. I’ve had many requests to expand my inventory and include more animal cards. Along with selecting appropriate animal photos, I also included many new photographs. It’s been about two years since I’ve made a concerted effort to work on my cards, and I was inspired by a woman who purchased some at our Nor’wester Readers booth at the Tyler Park Crafts in the Meadow event in October.  She specifically returned to our booth to purchase my cards after buying some last year.

Card making is a process which I love. It allows me to really get in touch with myself. From selecting photos for prints to matching complementary card stock to affixing the photo to the card stock to inserting the finished card into a plastic sleeve — for me, it’s a zen thing, and a time to heal.

. . . and so it is

2 thoughts on “plaid friday

  1. Malou Walther says:

    I did NOT know about your cards, and did NOT see them at the Tyler Park booth. I’m sorry I misssed them, or pherhaps they had been sold.

    I make a point of buying local whenever possible — and I stay home on Black Friday, except for walking with the dogs – and during most of the Christmas holiday madness I stay away from stores.

    Hope you are doing well Debbie and certainly this Thanksgiving you can give thanks that you came through this ordeal and can proceed with the joys of LIFE. Wishing you the best.


  2. Ruth Rudolph says:

    I always loved your cards, Debbie, and have sent many in the past to friends. If you decide to sell online, let me know! Love, Ruth

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