I am good at bandaging or dressing wounds. From all my years with horses, I know how to wield the gauze, cotton, bandages, and tape — polo wraps, standing wraps, exercise wraps, poultices . . . you name it! I have it down to a science.  So when I found out that my catheter site would need to be dressed twice daily, I thought, “Piece of cake!” Alas, I couldn’t reach the site! So I had to turn the bandaging over to the hospital nurses and my friend, Fran, who is also an RN, a home-infusion nurse for Jefferson Hospital.  Fran was the best — she knew exactly how to clean and dress the site, and her bandages were comfortable to wear. However, the rest of the gang was a comedy of errors from my point of view as a patient.

There was the nurse who used half the hospital supply — she padded and padded and left the catheter wires unwrapped.  There were dressings sticking every which way out of my bra, and I felt like a stuffed scarecrow wearing a pillow under my arm.

Then there was the nurse who padded and padded directly under the catheter which lifted it upward which put pressure on the wound opening. I got home and started pulling out padding until I alleviated the pressure. Fortunately I figured out I wasn’t having wound pain; I was just having bandaging distress!

Then there was the nurse who spent more time washing the catheter tubes/wires than she did bandaging.

Then there was the nurse who did the best job of the whole hospital crew. I always hoped that she would do my bandaging.

Bandaging is an art, believe me! Every nurse should be required to master the art of equine “wraps” before being permitted to bandage humans!

. . . and so it is . . . right from the horse’s mouth!

3 thoughts on “bandaging

  1. Bilie says:

    A sad comedy of errors…shouldn’t they know by now!
    Are you feeling a little better every day? Are you getting out and about? Have you taken any pictures? I hope three yeses are on the way:)

  2. Fran says:

    Sounds like you can give them some needed training to prevent bandage distress!

  3. kyleann says:

    I believe in the “art” in everything we do. . . . and in this case . . .. ESPECIALLY BANDAGING!!!!!!!!!!!

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