A maroon Honda space vehicle appeared through the fog and whisked me and my friend Nan to the planet Abington and deposited us at the Rosenfeld Crater, a highly classified scientific area for human testing, research, and treatment. After I completed a questionnaire and signed research documents, we were led to a waiting area where I was told to undress from the waist up and don two gowns. I then knew I would be turned over to the alien force. These aliens were so highly evolved they could energetically reform their molecules to take Earth-human form and speak any language.

The first alien was Karen who led me and Nan into a large room which was dimly lit. In the middle of the room was a table enveloped by a large cylinder. Lights flickered, and four other aliens entered the area. Karen positioned me on a very warm, gel-like cushion, and I was permitted to move my arm and torso until I found a comfortable position. The gel gradually hardened until it formed an impression of my body. This impression will be used as I go through further testing so that I am in a stable position at all times.

Once I was stabilized, the other aliens clustered around me. One introduced himself as “Sully.” It turned out that Sully was the lead scientist, and he inserted a “key” into the device which had been implanted into my breast. Standing to my left was a very young alien called Michael. He was still studying in the radiation-oncology field and was there to observe and to interpret for me as the procedure progressed. I was told that the first step in the procedure was a CAT scan to be certain that the device was positioned properly.  The aliens left the room, and the lights blinked off;  the table moved me into the cylinder, which made me feel like I was travelling into the bowels of a jet engine.  Bands of silver whirled and whirred and clanked. Lights winked. The table moved back and forth several times before completely exiting. The lights came on, and the aliens scurried back into the room. I was told that the device was beautifully positioned (THANK YOU, Dr. DuPree!).

I was given a copy of a scanned image of my device which showed me that it resembled the shape of a paintbrush. It is inserted right into the breast where the tumor had been excised and where the radiation will be directed. Seven long tubes, each about 6 inches in length, hang outside my body cavity. “Sully” proceeded to insert a long wire into each tube. Measurements and calculations were made until the alien crew were satisfied that all was prime for the treatment phase to occur next week.

Then Nan and I were escorted to another area to have the wound opening cleaned and bandaged. Alien Leslie informed me that I would need to do this tonight and twice daily over the weekend until I returned to Rosenfeld Crater next Monday. Nan had the brilliant idea to videotape the procedure with her camera. In the process I realized that it would be impossible for me to do this myself due to the inaccessible location of the device. Fortunately, back on Earth I have friends who will be able to assist me. We were sent out with a huge bag of bandaging supplies. The valet retrieved the maroon space craft from its docking point, and Nan and I boarded for an uneventful flight home.

. . . and so it is

9 thoughts on “abducted

  1. Bilie says:

    Well…These are my thoughts in order:
    That Deb is solid as a rock! and Very creative!
    OH you poor dear!
    Thank God for friends, good good friends!
    Debbie is thriving!
    She is thriving even in the midst of repair:)

    Hugs, Billie

  2. Amy says:

    I’ll never think of radiation the same way again!! 🙂

  3. You are amazing! This was great to read. I so appreciate your creativity, intelligence and genuineness to share this journey of your life. Love you! -Hillary

  4. Cathy Guenzel says:

    Wow! That was like listening to the stories that Kerrigan & I just heard this a.m. with our Rolling Hills 3rd grade class! Maybe a great book will come out of this! So creative. You really are amazing. We love you Deb. Hang in there. Cathy

  5. kyleann says:

    You are a teacher for us all and especially for those who will come after you and have to take the same alien flight! Smiling at you:)

  6. mgrookett says:

    Wow! What a great post! Glad the aliens released you and you are now safely back in human hands! Peggy

  7. Malou Walther says:

    You are very gracious about the “aliens”. I would hate them, but then again, they are there to help you get through this process. Brave girl Debbie.


  8. peeeps says:

    If there aren’t some top-shelf chocolates somewhere in amongst the bandages, those aliens aren’t nearly as smart as they think they are. 😉

  9. Amy says:

    Yay – you are nearing the end of the journey! Woo hoo to good balloon placement – hope the atmosphere is hospitable!! Good luck!! 🙂

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