a weekend with the dogs

The Nor’wester Readers organization annually sets up a booth at the Tyler Park Crafts in the Meadow event. It’s a wonderful outdoor art and craft show/fair which hosts high quality art work and crafts. It’s a wonderful opportunity for us to do fund-raising as well as publicize the amazing work we do with our therapy dogs in the schools.

Being one of the Directors, I feel committed to participating in this event — an easy task because it is always so much fun! Given that I am still recovering from surgery, I did reduce the number of hours I attended and did not help with set up or tear down. That’s difficult for me because I feel that my limited participation is an inconvenience to those who have to do all the physical work — talk about feeling guilty! Saturday I took Hannah, and today I took Heidi. I was so proud of Heidi — being a 9 month old pup, she was remarkably calm and well behaved. I guess I shouldn’t have expected any less from a pup who earned her Canine Good Citizen (CGC) title at the age of 5 months!! That’s Heidi in the photo.

I came home yesterday quite exhausted and sore. Ice soothed the aches, and I got a great night’s sleep.

I’m trying to psych myself for a rough two weeks ahead.

. . . and so it is


4 thoughts on “a weekend with the dogs

  1. Do not feel guilty! How great you were up and about to spend time there at all! You look wonderful and I hope you will sail through what you have ahead! XO ~ Hillary

  2. Lyn says:

    Great picture of you and Heidi. She is looking so mature and composed!
    Glad you had such glorious weather for the fund-raiser. Prayers and good thoughts will continue as you prepare for the next phase of this journey. With warm regards, Lyn

  3. Bille Jean says:

    I am so impressed that you went at all Deb and I’m sure your family of friends were impressed as well. Gotta let that guilt go, just toss it on out the window! Good wishes and happy thoughts from me to you for the next part of your journey. Hugs, Billie

  4. Lynn Jendrowski says:

    Debbie, You should not feel guilty. This is time to take care of yourself. I am thinking about you a lot. xxooxx Lynn

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