At the end of my first meeting with Dr. Beth DuPree, she gave me a pink quartz heart which is symbolic of self-love — knowing that one is worthy of care and concern and is willing to embrace life and all that is beneficial to oneself. My photo of the bleeding hearts reminds me of this.

Yesterday I went to Holy Redeemer Hospital for an MRI. Dr. DuPree ordered this as a precaution in case there were any other suspicious areas which may need to be addressed.  I was anxious about this procedure because I am claustrophobic in the MRI tube. I was given a script for Valium to use prior to the procedure which I did use.  The 5mg pill only gave me a slight sense of calm so I took a second pill just prior to the MRI.  When I got into the room and saw the tube, I knew I would be OK.  It was a half tube with a much larger circumference than the one I previously experienced. AND, for this particular imaging, I had to lie on my stomach with my face down,  cradled in a support which was similar to a massage table face cradle.  The torso portion of this table was hard, angled upward, and very uncomfortable. It was difficult to breathe, and I was told I could not move during the half hour imaging process.

The technician also ran an IV line through which she administered a “viewing agent” during the MRI.

While I was lying there, feeling the whirring and clanking of the machine, and trying to breathe comfortably, I visualized scenes and experiences from my trip to Belize. The Valium did take the edge off and helped me to relax. I was further comforted by the fact that my friend Nan was in the waiting room. She had been given permission to accompany me if I needed support. She is a reflexologist and a healer, and she would have done energy work through my feet to help ground me.

Needless to say, I am glad to put this behind me. Hopefully the MRI results will show that there are no additional areas of concern.

. . . and so it is

One thought on “mri

  1. Lynn Jendrowski says:

    Dear Debbie, You continue to be in my thoughts. Love, Lynn

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